Get Involved, Volunteer with Global Unites

Please fill the following for to apply as a Global Unites Volunteer. For other languages, please click the following links: Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Step 1

Basic information:

First name(s), Surname(s) *

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Country of current residence

Current address

Religious affiliation (if any)


* We are seeking applicants from diverse ethnic backgrounds from each country


* Please indicate your level: basic, conversational, advanced, or fluent.
* Also, rank the languages you feel most comfortable conversing and writing in during the summit.

Background information:

What work are you currently doing?

Educational Background (school, degree, year graduated)

* Please include any relevant research, publications, or special interests.

Job or Internship History

Volunteer History

* Please include any relevant projects or programs you have led or took part in.

Experience(s) working in diverse environments


Step 2

Please write three essays answering the following questions (limit of 500 words for each essay).

Explain your commitment to serve and lead in your country. How do you understand and work towards social change? What have you been involved in? What has been your role and approach to building a movement for change in your community?

What are the challenges you face today and what is the vision your working towards 50 years from now?

In your opinion, what role do you think youth play in social change and why is it important?


Step 3

Please submit your application with 3 letters of recommendation from:

1.) A credible organization working in your country that is involved in peace building and can talk about your work and involvement.
(* File types accepted are *.PDF, *.doc and *.docx)

2.) A mentor or someone who has guided your work and what qualities they believe you bring to this movement.
(* File types accepted are *.PDF, *.doc and *.docx)

3.) A work colleague or classmate (preferably, from a different background) who can talk about your ability to work with others and how you lead in diverse environments.
(* File types accepted are *.PDF, *.doc and *.docx)