“We, the youth of Global Unites Summit 2015, are committed to serving our nations and working towards peace even in the midst of conflict. We believe in the principles of non-violence, peaceful co-existence and universal human rights. We resolve to take a leading role in transforming conflicts in our respective communities with a grassroots approach.

We believe that sustainable peace is not possible without upholding the culture of tolerance, openness and respect. We will work towards these goals employing all possible means, tools and approaches.

This Summit is just the beginning of our long term commitment towards peace building. We also resolve to continue working on the ideas, plans and strategies that we have partaken in the Global Unites Summit 2015. We are committed to inspire, connect and equip a new generation of young peace builders.”


The Global Summit, hosted in Sri Lanka, was spread over 5 days from June 5th to June 9th. It was attended by 33 delegates from 15 countries. The delegates were carefully selected keeping in mind a balance from different regions, ethnicities, social background, genders from over 140 applications received. Each of the delegates were selected in consultation with the regional heads for the specific regions they were from. With the emphasis being on a youth led movement, all the delegates were between the age group of 19-35 with a proven track record of leadership and a commitment to work with the youth. Every delegate came with strong local recommendations from people who they had worked with closely in the past. The entire summit, keeping in line with the Global Unites theme, was divided into three prominent sections of being inspired, connecting and being equipped through keynotes, presentation series, breakout sessions and fellowship meals.

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