2019 Global Summit at a glance

2019 Global Summit

What type of world are we leaving for future generations? Are we choosing to build a future based on hope and unity, or will we sit back and watch the horrors that have afflicted our existence continue to destroy our humanity? We cannot let the recent violence that we have seen in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Myanmar, and the rest of the world continue to become the norm.

Global Unites is a grassroots youth peace building movement that promotes non-violence and conflict transformation. We share the belief that the younger generation has the power to break the cycles of violence that have plagued humanity throughout history.

The only way that we can change the future is by investing in our youth and equipping them to be agents of change in their communities. The 2019 Global Unites Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, will inspire, connect and equip a new generation of peace builders.

The Summit will bring together innovative young leaders and peace builders from 15 nations. These nations are recovering from, at the risk of, or are in the midst of violence.

We need your help to support these young leaders as they lead their nations through grassroots movements for reconciliation, justice and breaking the cycles of violence.

We are asking for 5,000 people to give $10.

Your donation makes it possible for our key leaders to attend this international summit that will have a transformative impact on them as they lead their movements.

Donate online in less than 1 minute. If this is your first time giving online, then you will be asked to create an account with our giving account partner Subsplash. Once you sign up, then you will be able to view and manage your donations online. If you have any questions about this process, then click here for more information from our partner Subsplash.

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Together we can be the change.

Global Unites: Who We Are

2015 Summit Summary

The Global Summit, hosted in Sri Lanka, was spread over 5 days from June 5th to June 9th. It was attended by 33 delegates from 15 countries. The delegates were carefully selected keeping in mind a balance from different regions, ethnicities, social background, genders from over 140 applications received. Each of the delegates were selected in consultation with the regional heads for the specific regions they were from. With the emphasis being on a youth led movement, all the delegates were between the age group of 19-35 with a proven track record of leadership and a commitment to work with the youth. Every delegate came with strong local recommendations from people who they had worked with closely in the past. The entire summit, keeping in line with the Global Unites theme, was divided into three prominent sections of being inspired, connecting and being equipped through keynotes, presentation series, breakout sessions and fellowship meals.
Thank you for partnering with us to support the new generation of peace builders!