Sri Lanka is where our movement began back in 2007. The movement is now over 20,000 members strong, active in 25 districts, engaging youth in five reconciliation centers and has 15 full-time staff.

Sri Lanka Unites launched its own online TV network in April 2018 to engage a broader audience as we look to expand the movement to 2 million members by 2027.
UNICEF and the British Council have approached SLU (Sri Lanka Unites) for formal partnerships and it’s an honor to be recognized by these international organizations as a key local partner to engage youth. The movement is eager to see these partnerships catered to reach their visions and strategies in Sri Lanka. These international organizations have been open to letting SLU take lead on the strategy and approach while they play a supportive role.

Click here to learn more about Sri Lanka Unites from their website.

Beats of a Nation

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