Our Story

It all began as a response to awaken the moderate masses of a nation that had been ravaged by nearly a century of cyclical violence, mistrust, and a brutal civil war. Sri Lanka Unites emerged as the largest youth movement in the country and represented the choice of a new generation who refused to be marked by the darkness of the past. They sought to create a new legacy for their nation and for the next generation.

As Sri Lanka Unites continued to grow, the movement found kindred spirits across the globe with youth from other nations who had experienced similar legacies and histories. In these relationships, we found comfort, inspiration, new ideas, boldness, and a new validation of greater dreams for our countries. Today we are the Global Unites family. We know and understand each others' pain and aspiration. We share both. We also share an urgency and lifelong commitment to respond and transform our nations. To us, these are not acts of charity, a guilt quenching project or a purpose seeking endeavor  - this is our life's calling and destiny. We will work tirelessly all the days of our lives until we see the positive transformation of our nations.

We are the Global Unites family and as we strive together, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

Sri Lanka Unites History